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Lead generation Techniques for IT industry

1) Referrals- Our existing clients can be a great source of generating leads. It can be done by connecting with them on LinkedIn and browsing their connections and after finding some potential client, we can ask our existing client for an introduction with the new client or we can contact them directly with reference.

2) Direct Marketing- cold calling / mailing system

  • Cold calling- Finding potential customers and then contacting them directly keeping all the required information and details up to date.
  • Mailing- the content should be accurate, professional, customized according to particular client’s requirements or needs.

3) Content marketing-

  • Blogging-
  • Social Media Visibility – Using platforms like twitter, facebook etc
  • eNewsletters- sending a newsletter to potential clients regularly over a period of time can be very helpful in building a good customer relationship. Publishing a newsletter would help clients to know about a brief view of our services and how we can add value through these services to them.
  • Articles on website
  • Through videos on website and social media
  • Sponsorship in various events 

4) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Marketing Optimization(SMO)-  select effective keywords which are highly targeted . Pay per click (PPC) is also an efficient way as the companies go to Google for searching initially.

5) Collaborating with companies similar to us with non-competitive background for exchanging the contacts and promoting each other.

6) Participating in Industry events and conferences with brochures /webinar

7) Networking- Building a network generally involves meeting new people, making new contacts and presenting your services to them.

8) Being active on sites likes and where with the help of few keywords we can reach to the clients who require similar services as provided by us.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)- Can be defined as creating, developing and maintaining a healthy and long-lasting relationship with the potential customers. It basically means improving customer satisfaction, enhancing sales and increasing productivity. It may include

-customer care

-HR management

-lead management marketing


Types of CRM-

1) Operational CRM- It mainly deals with marketing, sales and services. This type of service is basically for lead generation and then taking the results further into the process.

2) Analytical CRM- The main purpose of this type of CRM is data analysis. It involves gathering information coming from different channels and then analyzing it to improve the overall effectiveness.

3) Strategic CRM- This type of CRM focuses on distributing all the gathered information to the respective departments and hence bringing all the departments together in order to improve the quality of customer service.